PipTurbo Features


PipTurbo features state of the art next generation technology and signal indication to provide the most advance, safe and consistent automated trading.


PipTurbo uses two powerful indicators to find it's signals to trade on. The first indicator is Keltner Channel...

What Does Keltner Channel Mean?
A volatility based 'envelope' indicator that measures the movement of stocks in relation to an upper and lower moving-average band.

Explaination of Keltner Channel
This indicator, named after Chester W. Keltner, is used by sophisticated investors to predict the trend of the market. An overbuy occurs when prices move above the upper band, and an oversell occurs when prices move below the lower band.


The second indicator is the newly developed and highly anticipated PipSpool. While we don't want to reveal too much inside information about this, we can tell you that it takes the current price, and moving average of multiple currency pairs related to the one being traded to form a band to trade within. The formula is much more advance than as described, but it has proved to be extremely effective in staying out of large micro trends, and long up/down trends resulting in higher winning percentages.


PipTurbo has many trading filters built-in that will help keep up consistency and minimize large drawdowns. Many of these filters are customizable or have the ability to be turned on or off.

Time Based Filters:
- Because most of the conditions occur at the closing of American’s Market to Asian’s Session, PipTurbo will include a Time Based Filter.
- Trade time only 21-0 GMT general for all pair. A larger time frame can be used like 21-4 but backtests will show fewer losses if kept at the 21-0 timeframe.
- No trades during the first 2 hours on Mondays. Many surprise moves here.
- No trades on Friday after 8 GMT.
- No trades from 20th of December to the end of the first week of the new year as this is one of the worst periods to trade.

Daily filters:
- No trades if the previous Daily close was above/below 2 deviations of Bollinger Bands.
You can avoid this rule to set TradeOutSideBand’s value to TRUE.
- No trades if current 5 Period of Daily Chart showing above MaxDayAtr.
- No trades if the previous days range is too low. Too low is defined as (yesterday high – yesterday low) is less than the current 5 day ATR. You can avoid this rule by setting TradeLowRangeDay value to TRUE.


PipTurbo Money Management

Unlike most expert advisors that use basic money management systems, PipTurbo's money management offers much safer gains. What we mean is the trade sizes won't increase dramtically after just a couple wins in a row like most other systems. We use a formula that monitors both signal strength, and trading history to determine inreased lot sizes.


PipTurbo will work on all account sizes and on ECN brokers.


These are just some of the features that has helped keep PipTurbo on top of the game, and dominating the market with consistent profits, and low drawdowns. There are many more features offered, but we don't want to ruin the surprise! :)