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PipTurbo: A 5 Year Multi-Million Dollar Strategy


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Developed By Carter Stevenson
A long time successful, under the radar forex trader turns his 5 year successful multi-million dollar trading strategy into automated software now known as PipTurbo. A strategy that has made Carter a multi-millionaire, that you can now own!


No human error, no time constraints, no interferences. Just software automatically trading a multi-million dollar strategy down to a science. Carter even describes PipTurbo as the trader he could never be. It can trade 24/5 week in, week out without showing signs of fatigue. It simply can't be faulted like a human can, that is where the power lies.


Not only does PipTurbo trade Carter's multi-million dollar strategy to a science, it contains loads and loads of backup features, and settings that can keep the strategy going even through the toughest times.


Don't just take Carter's word for it, look at what PipTurbo has done for all these happy customers.

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